Guy Sword: Budget Cuts

Guy Sword

Guy Sword

Budget cuts

Budget cuts



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Guy Sword: Budget Cuts will release soon for iOS and Android! Click the links below to pre-register and be notified when the game launches!

Guy Sword: Budget Cuts is a mobile

minigame frenzy. Help Guy get through the work week by completing a gauntlet of fast-paced office minigames. Explore the office and make small talk with Guy’s coworkers.

When demons suddenly appear in the office one day, Guy is forced to use his battle prowess to protect the thing he holds dear: his job!

This is an adaptation of the Guy Sword concept from the Anime Sickos podcast. It’s the podcast for geniuses. Check it out.

Developed by Studio Leftovers. We are a game dev co-op that’s just making it up as we go.